KAA Summer Festival 2014

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Time has passed and your regular dose of fun is on the offer – we are back and ready for action! After a rather huge Shakespearean cake to eat, we opted for small, delicious bits to munch one by one: some hillarious sketches for you to laugh, roar or awww at. And then a concert with some freaking good music to jump, listen, or dance crazily to. So much to do this year that the prepositions had to step aside a bit.

This year’s show is even more special as we are going to have an all-star cast – our teachers will surprise both you and us with their enthusiasm and involvement in the entertainment section of KAA. But then, some say a classroom is strikingly similar to a stage, so they must have had a plenty of opportunities for practice, eh?

Atelier Babylon – May 13th, 2014

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