2014 Summer

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Time has passed and your regular dose of fun is on the offer – we are back and ready for action! After a rather huge Shakespearean cake to eat, we opted for small, delicious bits to munch one by one: some hillarious sketches for you to laugh, roar or awww at. And then a concert with some freaking good music to jump, listen, or dance crazily to. So much to do this year that the prepositions had to step aside a bit.

This year’s show is even more special as we are going to have an all-star cast – our teachers will surprise both you and us with their enthusiasm and involvement in the entertainment section of KAA. But then, some say a classroom is strikingly similar to a stage, so they must have had a plenty of opportunities for practice, eh?

Now to the more serious stuff; we’ll see you on Friday, 16 May 2014 in Ateliér Babylon, Kolárska 3. Since we would love to be punctual with the programme (which starts at 20:00), please come at least half an hour prior to the start (i.e. 19:30). On a side note, coming soon enough is a guarantee of seeing the best of the show with the right place, and you don’t want to miss a bit this summer!

As for the TICKETS, we are going to sell them throughout the upcoming week with an advance discount (as you can see on the poster). You can get your tickets from any of the ActOfKAA actors or our supporting cast sitting on the ground floor or hurrying past you on the corridors. For those with bad luck, there will still be an option (albeit a tad bit more pricey) to buy the tickets just before the show. We’ll let you know about the exact dates of selling. Just keep an eye on this event.

Atelier Babylon

May 16th, 2014

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