About us

Who are we?

ActofKAA is a student theatre troupe at the Department of British and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, which was founded in September 2011. We gave our first public performance for faculty and students in December 2011, when we opened the department’s Christmas festival with our production. Its success and the obvious demand for similar student-teacher get-togethers at the department encouraged us to continue performing.

What do we do?

We usually prepare two theatre productions and give two public performances a year. We organize “KAA Festival”, an all-evening event for the students and faculty of the Department of British and American Studies, which opens with our production of a theatre play in English and continues with music gigs performed either by our fellow students or our guests.

Why and for whom?

We play theatre because we love it and our department encourages us to do extracurricular activities. Our teachers recognize that extracurricular activities bear infinite potential in facilitating learning. We play theatre because we believe in community. In the end, theatre is made by, with and for a community. We hope that through theatre we can reach the English-speaking community in Slovakia and bring together not only the current students and faculty of the department, but also our alumni, professional translators, interpreters and teachers of English, English-speaking students from non-language study programmes, foreigners studying or working in Slovakia – in short, English language enthusiasts.


Past productions

in chronological order starting from the latest performance

Frayn, Michael – Noises off!
Chase, Mary – Harvey
Pinski, David – A Dollar
ActofKAA – Rob me if you can
ActofKAA alumni & KAA – AIS
Rose, Reginald – Twelve Angry Jurors
Camoletti, Marc – Don’t Dress for Dinner
Allen, Woody – God
Various Authors – Perfect Strangers
Reza, Yasmina – God of Carnage
Bradford, Wade – How to Kiss a Girl
Various Authors – Show Must Go Wrong
Christie, Agatha – The Hollow
Coward, Noël – Present Laughter
Linehan, Graham – The Ladykillers
Various Authors – Ooo!
Zolidis, Don – The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza
Vleugels, Hilda – You Can Have Him
Wilde, Oscar – The Importance of Being Earnest
Various Authors – Sketchshow
Shakespeare, William – The Merry Wives of Windsor
Cooney, Ray – Out Of Order
Broun, Alex – Rupert and The Seven Russian Email Brides
Broun, Alex – Qwendolyn’s Gambit
Walker, Justyn – The Great Manger Mystery
Davies, Robertson – Eros at Breakfast
Vyrypaev, Ivan – Oxygen
Fulk, David – The Potman Spoke Sooth